Why Go Gonzo?

Gonzo has many meanings. Gonzo journalism was a concept developed by Hunter S. Thompson where there is an element of surprise in the traditional journalism world. The journalist is the main character, there is no objectivity and it transforms the reporting lexicon into art.

Either that or he’s my favorite Muppet weirdo and spirit animal that indulges my quirky side on a regular basis. This could be a highbrow hipster concept or the home of a nerdy Muppet wannabe. Take your pick. But it was the inspiration for this blog, A Dash of Gonzo.

As a former journalist, I feel that it’s important to see the world from an unusual perspective. I wasn’t the standard journalist. While most journalists are jaded (a side effect of the profession), I love people. I love this crazy, messed-up world we live in. I’m abnormally happy and positive; probably a condition I should be seeking treatment for. And above all, I love telling stories; something you can’t do when your editor gives you a 500-word limit.

As the industry imploded, I sought a new career identity. However, like Gonzo we can’t change who we are. He was meant to be a blue weirdo and I was born to tell the stories of this universe. A lot of them are mine, but quite a few are those of the people I love the most: my friends, family and the occasional passer-by who has made an impact on my existence. There are those little hints and corners of eccentricities that are dying to see the light of day.

Some will be funny, and others will be sad. There will be introspections and reflections and certainly adventures. There are new loves and broken hearts littering the pages, not to mention some pieces that may shake you up a bit. I’m not afraid of what people think of me. But I hope to inspire, to stir controversy, to make this blogosphere a little bit better than when I entered into it.

I don’t want people to shy away; going gonzo is about sharing our stories. Don’t hesitate to make this a public forum. But remember, as our beloved spirit animal Gonzo thrives on positivity, so does this blog. If you are trolling, you will be taken down. But of course, not before you are mocked at your stupidity and insensitivity, and have me cheering at your idiocy. After all, no blog is worth reading unless it has its share of enemies.

So hold tight, everyone. It’s time to go gonzo with A Dash of Gonzo, with all the energy of my Muppet hero — although excluding most of his daredevil tricks.


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